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Social media has really become driving force in business these day and  a lot  of companies are trying new and different ways to use social media in their marketing efforts. Considering the steady decline of mass media,  both print circulation and TV viewership have been falling consistently since the turn of the century;  down almost 50% since 2002, and that social media usage among U.S. adults has increased by 800% over the past eight years, more and more businesses need to adopt a social media strategy to stay relevant and connected to today’s consumer.

One way that a business can harness the power of social media platforms such as Instagram is to create an instant Instagram live feed of any hashtag you choose, and display the slide show at an event or product launch.   This is great way to gain social media exposure but also creates and engaging atmosphere for your guest.  heres how it works:

Create A #Hashtag

You can create any Instagram #hashtag you want (ex. #45productions), and the most recent Instagram images with that #hashtag will be displayed instantly at your event/venue on the big screens. The best part is anyone can participate!

Promote your #Hashtag

Promote your Instagram #hashtag to everyone at your party or event so they can start taking pictures and posting them to Instagram

Enjoy the Fun

Enjoy watching your event’s attenders create memories all while promoting your event on their own Instagram accounts! You now have a unique, fun, and interactive way to engage your party or event goers with your custom Instagram Slideshow displayed on the big screen!

One great site that take the guess work out of creating this intereactive live feed is you can create a free account and start creating live feeds with whatever hashtag you want to promote.  It come packed with great feature like full moderation capabilties, allowing you to moderate the images before they make it live on the big screen and many others.


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